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  • 2020-01-11

    It was another year of passion to send away the golden pigs, and it was another year of fire for us. Accompanied by passionate music, Wenzhou Yiding Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s 2019 year-end summary meeting began in full swing. First, the host introduced the leaders present at this meeting, and also sent a blessing to the new year. In a blink of an eye, it is another year, whether it is simple or cumbersome, whether it is expectation or loss, whether it is an opportunity or a challenge, this year we have achieved a lot, and the future will definitely ride the wind and waves and create greater glories. The first is Jiang Yiding, general manager of Wenzhou Yiding Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mr. Jiang delivered an opening speech for this conference and summarized the company's hard work and harvest in 2019, and sent good wishes to the company in the coming year. The success of the company is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. They work diligently on the front line of their work and go hand in hand with the storm, so the company sends a generous

  • 2019-01-14

    Resigning from the old and welcoming the new, 2018 has passed, and continued efforts in 2019, our company is also welcoming the joy of the new year while holding the 2018 annual summary and 2019 annual planning conference. The meeting was held in the Ruyi Hall of the Beijing Capital Hotel. The 5-hour meeting was attended by more than 120 people. At 11:00 on January 10th, 2019, Beijing time, the participants entered and signed in. The company presented a red scarf, which meant that the new year was booming at 12 o'clock. The general assistant Yu Fang and Manager Yin (Yin Yuchang) hosted this book. At the second meeting, the meeting officially began with applause and cheers. Mr. Jiang Yiding, general manager of Wenzhou Yiding Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., first delivered a speech. Mr. Jiang pinned the company on high hopes and hoped that every company backbone could build the company. Better, I hope every employee can realize his dream in the company. The company's deputy general manager Zheng Jie delivered a year-end speech, the company's backbone team-R & D team,

  • 2018-11-06

    Hand-held digital tension meter is a portable electronic digital measuring instrument that can measure the tension of filamentous and linear materials. It is widely used in wire and cable, textile and chemical fiber, metal wire, carbon fiber and other industries. Can accurately measure tension and process data systematically.

  • 2018-10-29

    \"Building an efficient team \" ---- Wenzhou Yiding Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Expansion Activity On October 22, 2018, the Jiuxi Expansion Base was rainy and sunny. A total of 38 people came here to start a one-day employee development activity. The theme of this expansion training is \"Building an efficient team \", which aims to smelt the team, promote team communication, enhance team collaboration, encourage everyone to take responsibility, dare to challenge themselves, tap potential, and further enhance the team ’s combat power and cohesion to create An excellent team that is united, collaborative, courageous, and passionate. After the preparation is ready, the live-action CS matchup begins! Let us wait for a long time, one by one, full of energy, holding a machine gun in his hand, wearing glasses, very handsome, like a soldier. With the coach's order, the two teams of soldiers quickly entered the position. After a fierce battle of wisdom and wisdom, the yellow team finally won. In the afternoon, we ushered in this expansion

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