AMCS handheld electronic scale

AMCS handheld electronic scale
AMCS handheld electronic scale AMCS handheld electronic scale AMCS handheld electronic scale AMCS handheld electronic scale AMCS handheld electronic scale


1.% 2.mainPurpose and scope of application
The circuit structure of AMCS handheld electronic scale mainly includes measuring circuit, amplifying circuit, A / D conversion, LED display circuit. It is an electronic scale with accurate measurement, stable performance, energy saving, exquisite appearance, simple key operation, convenient reading, light and portable. It is suitable for all kinds of families, outing shopping, outdoor activities such as street market stalls, wild fishing, live poultry and seafood, collection and sale of old goods, express delivery weighing, luggage weighing, etc.

2.% 2.productFeatures

2.1.% 3.Portable: The instrument is light in weight, small in size and easy to carry.

2.2.% 3.The digital display shows the force value. The instrument uses the LCD to display the measured force value. The large screen makes the reading more convenient.

2.3.% 3.Multiple unit switching: the instrument can switch Kg, Lb, Oz three units。

2.4.% 3.Can be set to automatically shut down without operation, automatically shut down when low battery.

2.5.% 3.With backlight, the backlight mode can be set by yourself。

2.6.% 3.Hook storage card slot on the back。

Specification model





MAX load



10 kg

20 kg

30 kg

50 kg

22.04 lb

44.09 lb

66.13 lb

110.2 lb

352.7 oz

705.4 oz

1058 oz

1763 oz

Load division value



0.01 kg

0.01 lb

0.1 oz

1 oz



power supply

2 AAA batteries


136 × 75 × 29 (mm)

net weight

About 0.2kg

2,Product model specifications

three,Product overall structure
3.1 Appearance structure

3.2 Display

①、Power display.

②、Force value lock

③、The measured force value is displayed.
④, Three units display: kg (kg), lb (pound), Oz (ounce) three units are displayed separately, press \"UNIT \" key to convert.

3.3 Key description

3.2.1.Press \"ON / OFF\"键,Opener具Or closerTools, automatically enter the measurement interface after the appliance is turned on。

3.2.2. Under test量Under the interface: Press\"UNIT \"键,get onKg, Lb, OzunitmutualSwitch\"UNIT \"Press the key for 3 seconds to enter the setting interface; Press \"ZERO \"Press the key to clear the force calibration zero point (tare).

3.2.3. In the setting interface: Press\"UNIT \"Press the key to enter the setting options or save the setting data; Press \"ZERO \"Key to switch the setting options; Press \"ON / OFF\"Press the key to exit the setting interface and return to the test interface.

3.2.4. Lock in forcestatusNext (Subtitle C is displayed on the screen): Press\"UNIT \"Key to switch units; Press \"ZERO \"Press the key to exit the force value lock interface and return to the test interface; Press \"ON / OFF\"Key to turn off.

四, Boot display

MAX load measurement interface

%1,Unit switch

Kilogram unit British pound unit Ounce unit

%1,Detailed description of setting interface

After booting, press and hold the\"UNIT\" button for 3 seconds, then release it to enter the setting interface, display the\"Loct \" setting option, and then press the\"zero\" key to display another setting option \"oFFt \" , And then press \"zero \" continuously, other setting items will appear in sequence: \"LEd \", \"rSEt \", as shown in the following figure:

The setting interface is divided into: OFFT (automatic shutdown time setting: LED (backlight mode setting); LDCT (force value lockTime setting).

6.1. In LOCT interface,按\"UNIT \"键Enter the force value lock time setting,press\"ZERO\"Key to adjust the value,按\"UNIT \"键Datasave。Time setting range 0-10 seconds, the system factory setting is 5 seconds,When set to 0, it means that the force value is not locked。

6.2.In the OFFT interface按\"UNIT \"键Enter the shutdown time setting,press\"ZERO \"Key to adjust the value, then按\"UNIT \"键Datasave。Shutdown time range 0-15 minutes,When the time is set to 0, the automatic shutdown function is cancelled。

6.3.In the LED interface按\"UNIT \"键Enter the backlight setting mode:

6.3.1.OPEN means the backlight is always on。

6.3.2.AUTO means automatic backlight mode, in the powerless value and无buttonoperating,After 10 seconds, the backlight is automatically turned off.量到有Force value or有buttonoperatingAutomatically turn on the backlight whenTo achievesaveElectricity,The instrument defaults to this mode。

6.3.3.CLOS means the backlight is normally closed。

6.4 On the RSET interface按\"UNIT \"键After entering the factory settings, the instrument will automatically shut down.


7.1.Please don't weigh too much. It is easy to damage the instrument if it is overloaded frequently. If there is a MAX load, you need to reduce the weight of the item to an appropriate range as soon as possible.

7.2.Use at room temperature will make weighing more accurate.

7.3. Please use it in a dry and dust-free environment.

7.4. When weighing, take it lightly and never let it fall.

7.5. Use two AAA batteries (AAA). When the battery is low, you need to replace the battery. If the battery is not used for a long time, the battery can be taken out to prevent the battery from leaking and damaging the appliance.

7.6. The product is suitable for ordinary households, doing business or weighing valuables, please buy carefully!

7.7. The product has been calibrated and tested at the factory, and it can be used upon receipt. No customer calibration is required!

7.8.This product is a precision electronic appliance, please do not disassemble or calibrate the machine yourself!


8.1.After receiving, remove the battery insulation sheet, and then turn on the battery after putting the battery in place.\"ZERO\"Key, you can clear the weight.\"UNIT\"Key can switch units, three units switch freely.

8.4.The product defaults to the automatic locking of force values, that is, weighing will lock the data. In this state, hang the weighing object under the scale and keep it stable for 2-3 seconds. The weighed weight will be displayed and locked for easy reading. If you don't need the automatic locking function, you can press and hold \"UNIT\"key3 seconds,display\"LOCT\",press\"ZERO\"Key to adjust the value,Adjust the valueIs 0That means unlocking.

8.5.If the battery is not used for a long time, the battery can be taken out. In order to prevent the battery from leaking for a long time and damaging the appliance.