AMH Manual Horizontal Test Bench

AMH Manual Horizontal Test Bench


The manual horizontal test bench is suitable for domestic and imported pointer push-pull force gauges and digital display push-pull force gauges for tensile and compressive load and insertion force testing.


■ Horizontal installation;

■ Manual operation, simple and stable operation;

■ The machine can be installed on the table (table) and used to make the machine more stable.


· Effective travel: 50mm;

· Maximum load: 500N;

· Length × Width × Height: 450 × 190 × 180 mm;

· Net weight: 10.6kg;

· Effective area of ​​test area: 105 × 100 mm, up to 105 × 152mm.


Manual horizontal test bench.png

Installation method of dynamometer

1. Remove the mounting strip from the force platform;

2. Connect the mounting bar to the dynamometer mounting hole 4-M3 firmly;

3. Install the mounting bar and dynamometer assembly on the force platform.