ASC spiral roll test machine

ASC spiral roll test machine

1. Product Overview:

The ASC manual vertical side-swing test bench is specially equipped for the HF series and Nk series push-pull force gauges, which can be combined into test machines for different purposes. While displaying the force value, it is also possible to add a digital display scale to display its displacement, and perform a comparative test under the same displacement for different workpieces.

2. Features:

· The machine base has great stability and is suitable for indoor table testing;

· Screw drive, precise probe displacement, side hand wheel loading, simple and stable operation;

· The standard mobile platform of the base can move left and right and back and forth, which is convenient for accurate clamping;

· The machine can be installed on a table (table) to make the rack more stable;

· Equipped with digital display scale, can collect travel data at any time (ASC-S).

3. Product parameters:

※ L × W × H: 260mm × 360mm × 500mm

※ Stroke: 180mm

※ Rated load: 500N

※ Weight: 18kg

4. Installation method of machine and push-pull force gauge:

1. Machine installation method:

The machine can be installed on the table to make the machine more stable. When installing, please ensure that the work surface is level so that the test can get accurate values. Please refer to (right picture) for installation.

2. Installation method of push-pull force gauge:

(1) Use an M4 wrench to loosen the four M 4 × 15 socket head cap screws on the dynamometer mounting plate and remove the dynamometer mounting plate;

(2) Install the push-pull force timer of the HF series (digital display push-pull force meter), use an M4 hex wrench to insert the four M4 × 10 hex screws in the accessory bag through the 90 × 40 of the dynamometer mounting plate Screw the holes into the four M4 threaded holes of the dynamometer, and install the dynamometer to the dynamometer mounting plate; or use a Phillips screwdriver to insert the four M3 × 10 cross recessed pan head screws in the accessory bag Inside the force gauge, install the force gauge on the force gauge mounting plate. Screw the 145 × 30 holes on the mounting plate into the four M3 threaded holes of the dynamometer;

(3) Install the push-pull force timer of the NK series (pointer push-pull force gauge), use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the four M × 10 screws on the back cover of the push-pull force gauge, and remove the four M3 × 14 screws from the accessory bag Cross recessed screws pass through the 145 × 30 mounting holes on the dynamometer mounting plate, and screw into the four M3 threaded holes on the back cover of the dynamometer (remove the threaded holes of the M3 × 10 screws);

(4) After installing the push-pull gauge, use the M4 Allen wrench to reinstall the dynamometer mounting plate onto the frame.

According to the characteristics of the samples to be tested, install or place the machine in a suitable position on the workbench. Rotate the hand wheel on the side of the test stand, and the dynamometer can move up and down smoothly to complete the test.

5. Daily maintenance and maintenance:

1. Do not overload, the rated load of this rack is 500N.

2. Pay attention to daily maintenance work and keep all parts of the machine clean.

3. When the machine is stagnant and inflexible during use, please add a little oil to the lubrication holes on the bearing seats on both sides of the machine. When the machine fails, please contact the manufacturer or the sales point in time (do not disassemble or repair it without permission).

6. Schematic diagram:

ASC spiral roll test machine.png