The end of 2019 summary meeting is completed perfectly

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Seeing off the golden pig is another year of passion and ushering in the rat is another year of fire. With the passionate music, the year-end summary meeting of Wenzhou Yiding Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is in full swing.

First of all, the host introduced the leaders present at the meeting, and also sent blessings to the new year. In the twinkling of an eye, it's another year. Whether it's simple or complicated, whether it's expectation or loss, whether it's opportunity or challenge, this year is full of harvest. In the future, we are bound to ride the wind and waves and create brilliance again.

    First, Jiang Yiding, general manager of Wenzhou Yiding Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd   President Jiang delivered an opening speech for the conference, summarized the company's efforts and harvest in 2019, and sent good wishes to the company in the coming year.

    The success of the company is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. They work hard in the first line of work and go hand in hand with Yiding. Therefore, the company gives rich gifts to commend everyone.

      Next, Mr. Zheng, vice president of technology of Wenzhou Yiding Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., delivered his annual summary speech. At the same time, he also expressed his thanks to the R & D team led by Mr. Zheng for developing countless good products for the company.

The company's R & D team won the "future team award of scientific innovation", and Mr. Ni and Mr. Zheng presented them with certificates and prizes.

    Next, Mr. Zhang delivered a summary speech for the company in 2019. Mr. Zhang expressed his concern and sympathy for the hard work of the company's front-line colleagues, and expressed his gratitude to them for controlling the quality of each product and giving customers a better product experience.

    The following is Mr. Ye's speech for the company in the year of 2019. Mr. Ye has analyzed the company's achievements and future planning, and made everyone of Yiding firmly believe in their decision to choose Yiding.

Next is the award for outstanding employees in the production department.



Manager Fang releases year end summary

Mr. Ye awarded the resplendent Aibai Award

Year end summary of Weijing hairdressing table

Zhenbei team award awarded by President Zhang

Xue Jing's haircut table year end summary

Awarded by general Zheng to the war wolf team award

Gong Jing haircut table year end summary

Mr. Jiang awarded the sales elite award to the sales team

Year end summary of Wei Jing hairdressing table

There was an interactive lucky draw at the annual meeting. When the winners were announced on the big screen, the whole audience cheered and everyone who won the prize went on stage to receive the prize

Year end summary of Feng Jing's hairdressing table

Mr. Zhang awarded the outstanding novelty award to the foreign trade team

Release the year-end summary to the manager

Mr. Zheng awarded the best sunshine Team Award

Year end summary of Zhu Jing's hairdressing table

Best construction award awarded by President Ye

Mr. Yu's year-end summary

General manager Jiang awarded the ant Secret Service Award

President Jiang awarded the golden abacus Team Award

Excellent supervisor award awarded by company leaders

   At the end of the meeting, chairman Ni delivered a year-end concluding speech for the company. He always showed his meticulous care, making everyone full of confidence and ambition, and shouldering the company's new glory in the future.

The new year has opened a new course, holding new hopes and carrying new dreams. Let us Wenzhou Yiding all work together, with a hundred times of passion and honest labor, forge ahead bravely and create good results together. Nothing can stop us, nothing can shake us. We are full of confidence and go to a more brilliant future!

Finally, Wenzhou Yiding Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. wishes all employees a happy new year, good health, smooth work, happy life and happy family!


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